Year: 2023

Immersion Assembly

This week we have immersion assembly. After the bell rang we all lined up to go to the hall for immersion assembly. When we got there we first sat down on the ground then we watched Mr Jacobson. Next we watched a movie from team 1 and their movie was about a teachrs dog disturbing the neighbours. The next movie from team 2 was about teachers using thier imagination to think about what will they think  will look like if they were superheros and have superpowers. Then after that they were making bases with their imagination.

The next movie was from team 3 and for their movie they did a proformece of a teacher going back to the stone age. She has to get ready for the day but she wont have all of the fancy stuff she will have animal fur as clothes. And animal fur as shoes. Next team was about trying to make stuff around to four easier like making a basket around team four to put the balls in. Team 5 was about Mr Wiseman singing and Mr Moran dancing then after that another teacher came up and Mr Wiseman started to dance too. While eating a bakery pie then after that they were spraying glen 20 because they love the smell of freshness and hate the smell of stinky stuff after that . Mr Jacobson was teaching us about trumpets and blowing horns from a kudu and a cow.