Year: 2023

Resonse to Text

Surface Level: Find the Answer in the Text

  1. What are some similarities between Earth and Mars?


That they have found a source of water ice and we can use ice to melt and make electricity. from mars. We can also make habitats for the human beings and Mars has weather and seasons for the human beings. And also has a day and night cycle.


  1. Humans would find it challenging to live on Mars without what?


water , food, trees and habitats we need trees for oxygen and we also need water and food to survive and we also need habitats for the humans because we need a place to live and we also need shelter.


  1. What are the 3 things that the article says are making our planet Earth unlivable?


The 3 things in the article that says the planet earth is bad is Pollution, Climate Change and Natural resources.


Inference: Use Clues from the Text to Think of an Answer

  1. Explain in your own words why scientists are exploring the possibility of a move to Mars?


Scientists believe that we can move to mars because their are Polar Caps over at mars and we can make shelter and we can plant trees.


  1. What are some challenges that humans would face if there was a move to Mars?


Temperature it will be very cold because Mars’ atmosphere is really thin so it will be really cold there.   
  1. Why do you think plants will be so important to the terraforming of Mars?


So we can have oxygen so when we go on mars we can plant trees and then we can breath and we can use trees for decoration on the planet mars.


Unfamiliar Words: Clarifying Language that may cause Misunderstanding


Word Sentence from the text Definition 
Enthusiast A planet called Mars, located 342 million kilometres away from Earth, has captured the imagination of scientists and space enthusiasts alike A person that is very interested in something particular. 
Potential Let’s take a closer look at Mars and the potential of humans moving there. Showing the capacity of doing something in the future. 
Abundant While Earth is beautiful and abundant, we must face the reality that our actions are harming our planet. Having plenty of something.
Generate We would need to find ways to grow food, create sustainable habitats, and generate the resources necessary for survival The definition of Generate is Producing something or creating something.


Global Inferencing: Making Connections between the Text and the Wider World


Would you want to be one of the first people living on Mars?

Come up with solid reasons for your choice, and provide evidence, and examples to support your reasons.

If we ever go to Mars we can build shelters so we can actually live there and we can also plant trees so we have living oxygen. We can Bring astronaut food so we can eat in the shelters and we can make a bigger atmosphere. so we can be warmer because the atmosphere in mars is really really thin so the temperature is very low.

Climate change Explanatory Writing

Begin your writing here: What is climate Change? You say. Climate change is a thing that is like global warming And pollution is very bad for our environment and our health. We can fix climate change by inserting solar panels on the top of our home roofs. and also we can get rid of climate change by using coal powered energy such as wind and solar, and can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 1.5 tons of CO2e per year. 


Why is climate change here? You said climate change is here because human beings are cutting down forests and there’s two other things: farming livestock and by Burning fossil fuels. When did Climate change start, climate change started in the late nineteenth century.